One of our yurts is missing

Hello You!

Welcome. Don’t worry how you got here, I’m glad you turned down my metaphorical dirt track. It’s next to one of London’s busiest road junctions, but I’d like to think that once you’ve squeezed past the bins – they belong to the chicken shop on The New Kent Road – you’re shoes no longer hit unforgiving paving stones, the light becomes dappled, the sounds of traffic is replaced by leaves under your steps and shifting in the breeze. Soon you can see the sky – and a dwelling, with cavas walls and a wooden door. Hanging from the handle is a small glass bottle, and when you take it’s pleasent weight in your hand you feel there is a paper label on the other side. You turn it over. It reads:

“I’ve left this here for is two reasons: partly to spray you with the above effuence from my withered imagination gland (isn’t creativity disgusting?), and to give this disclaimer:

While I’m grateful you’ve made it this far: I’ve started this blog as a learning tool. I’m hoping it’ll act like a path of breadcrumps, temporal breadcrumbs, to keep me moving forward with something that I love. I’ve been thinking about perfume for a little while, but I know almost nothing about making it yet, so – if you can stand my prose style –  and continue take anything you read with great big gritty spoonfuls of rock salt. 

The plan is to learn about a perfume note every month. Look into the componants availble for small scale perfumers: essential oils, tintures, absolutes, aroma chemicals etc. then blather on about it for a bit. First crumb on the path: Vanilla.”


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